About the Service

Returning for Replacement

1.From the date of purchase, we guarantee two years warranty service and exchange from the day you receivmaintenance of the main unit warranty for free.

(Except for consumable parts)

a.the main unit under normal use ,damage due to quality issues,present their damaged parts

replaced free of charge ,(man-made mechanical damaged chemicalcorrosion damage,accidents

and so irresistible ,non-quality issues do not belong to the warrantry conditions.)
b.replacement period instruments and accessories ,electrical fault,such as panels,chassis,

accessories can be as good as the new replacement machine.such as the appearance of damage,

obsoescence,can replace the internal components and circuit boards.

2. The following is not covered by the warranty ,but can provide new parts and accessories,need to charge the cost of fees.

a. products due to misuse, negligence,damage resulting from the use;
b. products or force majeure due to careless handling accidents cause damage;

c. due to poor fault caused by environmental factors ,such as high input voltage,moisture health rust,etc;

d. products do not follow the installation instruction provided with the original result of the damage;

e. the product had been without the authorization of the person modified;

f. warranty services provided do not include any accessories such as working probes;

g. products serial number has been converted, altered or removed and so on.

3. the company is not respondisble for equipment damage as a direct or indirect loss.

4. more than warranty repair of the products,the company charges a maintenance costes and spare parts costes of maintenance services for lift.

5. any parts replaced under warranty with additional warranty parts are to enjoy the remaining warranty period is not alone to enjoy the new warrantry period.

6. if the customer service deparment determines that your product is not convered under warranty,you will be remined or informed,if you authorize the repair,you are obliged to pay for the maintenance of those items.