med Lipo Laser (Model:MB-L2)


1. Shorter operation time, small trauma, less bleeding, faster recovery after surgery. Don’t leave scars. The postoperative quickly resume their daily lives.
2. To overcome the shortcomings of the uneven surface of the skin after surgery.
3. Difficult parts of liposuction can also do safe surgery, such as the face, arms, upper abdomen, calf, chin, etc, among them, the face and chin are the most obvious parts.
4. By irradiation in the dermis, promote collagen regeneration, excellent for eliminating wrinkles effect.
5. Postoperative dermal or collagen fiber in fat layer protein crunch can effectively prevent skin loose.
6. Patients do not fear with this liposuction method.

Brief Introduction

The Med lipo Laser lipolysis principle, playing a direct role in the body's subcutaneous fat layer, dissolved the subcutaneous fat. Even the thick part of the waist, legs, back fat, can simply be used in melting fat under the low negative pressure. This product is a medical and cosmetic equipment combined with fat burning body sculpting, blood lymphatic drainage, blood stasis. Using rhythm strong suction principle, massage abdomen, broken fat, relax the conjunctive tissue, and improve the body shape. And thus makes efficacy on weight losing and beauty body. Another advantage of laser burning fat, promote blood circulation, stimulate stagnant water excretion, eliminate edema, while promoting the circulation of the lymphatic system, and eliminating the around lymphatic toxins, at the same time, laser irradiation can promote collagen regeneration, and boot subcutaneous collagen fibers

Technical parameter

Voltage: 90-120V/210-240V

Frequency: 50-60HZ

Power: 300W

Material: PVCplastic

Wavelength: 650nm & 940nm

Optical output: 15R

GW/NW: 16KG/14KG

Packing size: 48*48*850px