Med Body Analyser (Model: MB-C4)


1. Weight    

2. Body fat

3. Weight without fat

4. Water content

5. Protein

6. Skeleton muscles

7. Target weight

8. Weight control

9. Fat control

10. Muscle control

Besides, it can print the analyzing report and it has the function of memorizing.

Brief Introduction

human body elements analyse instrument can detect various elements of human body and analyse human health status. Apply to hospitals, beauty clubs, sports and scientific research centers, institutions and enterprises, government agencies, sports clubs, health management and accessing agencies, it can help people evaluate their body state accurately. Because it has the functions of human body elements analyse, muscle and fat analyse, obesity analyse and healthy assessment.

Technical Parameters

1 Voltage: AC90-265V

2 Controller: 320x240 digital screen in Chinese and English

3 Testing weight range: 10-200 Kg.

4 Size: 50.4x81.8x116.5cm

5 Weight: 40 Kg.

6 touch operation
7 health evalutation
8 easy to install and easy to maintain
9 store up to 120 complete historical records